Top 10 websites for chemistry book download

Top Ten Websites to Download Free Chemistry eBooks

Hey, Searching for Free Chemistry eBooks?

So, Download all Organic, Inorganic and Physical Chemistry eBooks for free in just one click.

Nowadays, all important chemistry eBooks are easily available on internet.

Just, You have to know the reliable websites to download chemistry books online.

First, I will tell the usefulness of eBooks.  In this digital age, eBooks are very popular and easy to access among the students.

  • You can carry all of your eBooks in your mobile or Tab without need of any baggage.
  • Highlight the important part just tapping over the screen.
  • Next time It will help you to read the important highlighted part and save your time.
  • Here is no question of damage of eBook like a hard copy.

That is why, eBooks become very popular in last few years.

If you are searching for free download chemistry books for BSc, MSc, IIT-JEE, NEET or for university and free chemistry eBooks online, then this article is for you.

Go through the end of the article. After reading this article you will know where you can get free download chemistry books pdf.

Now come to the point.

There are lot of websites you can download chemistry eBooks. However, many of them require personal login to download and some websites are not really reliable.

I personally tested all these websites and reviewed here on the basis of my experience.

List of Top Ten Websites to Download Free Chemistry eBooks.

  1. FreeBookCentre
  2. Pdf Drive
  3. Internet Archive
  4. Chemistry-Name-Reaction
  5. Chemistry.Com.Pk
  6. Google Pdf Search
  7. Bookboon
  8. Stuvera
  9. Ebooksgo
  10. E-books Directory

Among these 10 websites, only two websites are dedicated for Chemistry eBooks only.

  • Chemistry.Com.Pk

Therefore, our suggestion will be go through these sites to access all important chemistry books at a time in one place.

Let’s start the comprehensive review about the above-mentioned  ten websites.

Chemistry Ebook Sites


FreeBookCentre is defined by its name. This site provides you to download Chemistry Books freely.

They have a a ton of collection of fundamental chemistry ebooks.

Here the books are categorized into various sub-categories. This definitely save time and helps for more precise search.

To download free eBooks from this site, just search on the search box and download it.

Chemistry Ebook Sites

Similar to FreeBookCentre, PDFDrive is another excellent resource for free chemistry book.

This is a PDF search engine contains advance filter to give more precise results.

You can search books of different languages along with English. Search on the top search bar whatever book you want.

No download limits and a big collection is there.


Wait, Wait!! Don’t need to rush to check now after reading up to this.

Lot of attraction is waiting for you. If you want a complete package of Free Chemistry eBooks in one place, then scroll below.

Chemistry Ebook Sites

Internet archive is an open-access American digital library. It contains more than 26 million digital books.

You will be able to download Chemistry Books in different formats without any charge or sign up.  Though there is a possibility of getting old version of books rather than updated version.

Pros – Old versions of eBooks are available and not all-important books are present.

Cons – You can download books in different formats. And availability of some old good books which are now out of market.

Chemistry Ebook Sites


In our site, you can download all necessary Chemistry book PDF like Organic Chemistry eBook, Inorganic Chemistry eBook and Physical Chemistry eBook for free.

You don’t need to subscribe or sign in to download.

Almost all kind of Chemistry textbooks such as – 1. General Chemistry eBooks, 2. Organic Chemistry eBooks, 3. Inorganic Chemistry eBooks, 4. Physical Chemistry eBooks and books of some special topic which will be very helpful for any undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Here you can get the complete package of all-important chemistry eBooks. The collection of eBooks here are also equally useful for a working professional like a teacher or professor.

Browse all these free eBooks here – Chemistry Ebooks


Chemistry.Com.Pk provides a variety of Chemistry eBooks. You can download Chemistry eBooks for free through Sign up. Along with this, some eBooks are not required sign up process.

This site is also very good resource for free chemistry books.

Chemistry Ebook Sites

Bookboon offers free Basic/General Chemistry eBooks. Here you have to sign up to access the free books.

Though all common chemistry books are not available for free, you can access all these books through a subscription.

Chemistry Ebook Sites

In Stuvera, you can download free eBooks through personal login. Without sign in you are not able to download/access any book.

Good collection of of Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry and Physical Chemistry eBooks.

Chemistry Ebook Sites


Yes, you saw it correctly. You can download Chemistry books freely from Google.

No need to sign up anywhere in any website.

How can you do it? This is the process. Follow it.

In the Google search box, type “your keyword filetype: pdf“.

As for example, for chemistry eBooks, just type “organic chemistry filetype: pdf”. See the results in the image below.

Cons – Don’t need to search where and there directly download the pdf.

Pros – Though by following this technique, you are not able to download all important books.

This is how you can download free chemistry pdf from Google.

Chemistry Ebook Sites

Ebooksgo is another resource for free chemistry books.

Almost all types of books are there in this site. However, the number of chemistry textbooks available here are limited. offers to read/download some chemistry eBooks for free.

Here you can get variety of books like analytical chemistry books, biochemistry books, organic chemistry, physical chemistry etc.


I Hope this article helped you. I find these websites useful for Free Chemistry eBooks.

There are many more such websites.

But some websites are not secure for safe browsing. If you know more website Let me know by comments.

If you are a undergraduate or Postgraduate student, then your main focus should be to make a strong base in the each part of the chemistry. This will definitely help to build your career in chemistry.

To make yourself a conceptually sound chemistry student, you should follow all these fundamental books of Organic, Inorganic and physical chemistry.

That is why, to save your valuable time and get all the important books in one place visit –

Finally, all the best for your journey towards a successful chemist.

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